A family history.

The history of the Schettino family speaks of tradition and skill, of sacrifi ces and rewards, of when the salumi were kept for the most important guests and for the great Sunday dinners. It all started over a hundred years ago in 1905 when the forefathers of Raffaele Schettino, founder of the present salumifi cio, or ham factory, opened a little shop in the centre of the town.

From then on the salumifi cio gained an ever increasing clientele, thanks to the experience that Raffaele Schettino acquired working in the family business, and to the support of his wife who at his side contributed to the success of the undertaking. This led to the enlargement and eventual transfer of the salumifi cio to the Via Regia delle Puglie, in the 1950ís; and it is precisely due to his passion for his work that in 1982 Raffaele Schettino received the decoration of Cavaliere del Lavoro (Cavalier or Knight of Labour) from the president of the Republic.

In the meantime, the activity has continued and grown thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the sons, who along with the new generation, continue today to work following the teaching of their father, adding dynamism and modern skills to their great tradition.