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The products of the salumificio reflect the values upon which the business is based: love of tradition, constant attention to quality, authenticity, through the exclusive use of meats coming from pigs bred and processed in Italy. The pride of the Schettino production is the Mugnano del Cardinale salami, with its characteristic fist shape, followed by the equally renowned Naples salami.

These two typical regional products are flanked by the whole line of national products: from the sweet and spicy Naples sausage to the Milanese and Hungarian salmis, and products like the ventricina, the Roman spianata and fine migno to specialities such as the capocollo, coppa and pancetta...

A range of products to satisfy the most refined palates and the most discerning consumers.

Motto Napoletano
(My friends, let's eat and drink as long as there's oil in the lamp! Who knows if we'll meet in the next world! Who knows if there's tavern in the next world!)

This motto in ancient Neapolitan, welcomed the people entering th 16th century tavern of Cerriglio, in Naples. Today these lines are carried on the labels of the new "Selezioni" line of products of the Schettino salumificio: it is a wish, an invitation to drink a toast and enjoy the pleasures of the table in the company of friends, with the happiness and fatalism that has always made the Neapolitans and their gastronomy famous throughout the world.

Our products: